Life Insurance protection

No one really wants to think about death, but our families will need help when we’re gone. Life insurance/assurance pays out a lump sum or a regular monthly income when the policy holder dies. This lump sum could help pay off a mortgage or help with the cost of childcare. In an emotionally stressful time, removing the financial burden can be one less thing to worry about. Can your family afford to be without this protection?

Real-life case study

At the age of 50 Head teacher and single parent Lily*, had a stroke. Then just three months later she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had life and critical illness cover which paid off her mortgage. She was also able to claim ill health retirement on her teacher’s pension. She died 4 years later, leaving her 15 year old autistic son. When the estate is valued for Inheritance Tax purposes her remaining assets will incur £70,000 inheritance tax, reducing her estate to £250,000. She had no remaining life cover which meant no lump sum to see her son through the rest of his life.

*All case studies are from real people who are Penda clients. For privacy, their names have been changed.

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“When I became seriously ill I realised how important Penda’s protection advice had been. Now my wife has the finances to cope and I don’t have that to worry about.” Mr Surtees, Alnwick

You now realise the importance of a life insurance policy for both you and your loved ones, but protecting yourself doesn’t have to end there. Have you considered the impact a critical illness or redundancy may have on your family, and how it may affect your current standard of living?

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