Critical Illness cover

If you suffer a critical illness and are off work – or you won’t be able to work again – how do you meet your mortgage payments? This benefit will pay out a lump sum if on diagnosis you contract one of the specified critical illnesses, allowing you to pay off your mortgage.

Real-life case study

At aged 30 Carl* decided to go on a trek with his mates. Before they went he talked all of his friends into going for a full health check. At his own medical he learned that he had cancer. He received treatment straight away. His critical illness cover paid off his mortgage allowing him to concentrate on getting back to full health. After two years he returned to work. As Carl no longer has a mortgage to pay he has re-directed his salary into a Pension fund that he couldn’t afford before.

Carl’s wife has now taken out Income Protection. As when Carl was ill, he was off work and didn’t have a regular income coming in. His wife doesn’t want to run that risk should she fall ill.

*All case studies are from real people who are Penda clients. For privacy, their names have been changed.

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“When I became seriously ill I realised how important Penda’s protection advice had been. Now my wife has the finances to cope and I don’t have that to worry about.” Mr Surtees, Alnwick

Now you understand the benefits of a Critical Illness policy, would it not be worthwhile considering other ways that you could potentially protect your current quality of life for yourself and your loves ones.

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