Protecting your income

If you lost or job or fell ill how would you afford your mortgage payments and other household bills? An Income Protection plan can provide you with a regular income up until you retire.

Real-life case study

Jay* was in her mid-thirties and earning £45,000 a year. She thought she’d everything covered with Critical Illness, Life Assurance and Private Health Cover. Suddenly she fell ill with a debilitating (but not critical) illness which would mean she’d spend the next 22+ months out of a job. She lost her regular salary. Instead of bringing in £2,700 a month after tax, she received £365.60 Employment Support Allowance each month. Can you afford to do the same?

Jay now says that Income Protection is the one insurance she wishes she had. Her husband has now taken out cover with Penda. He says it gives him peace of mind.

*All case studies are from real people who are Penda clients. For privacy, their names have been changed.

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“When I became seriously ill I realised how important Penda’s protection advice had been. Now my wife has the finances to cope and I don’t have that to worry about.” Mr Surtees, Alnwick

So you have decided to protect your wages with an insurance policy. Protecting yourself doesn't have to end there, especially if you have a family to consider or you need to maintain a decent standard of living.

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